Sunday, February 03, 2013

letter to trinity: 91 months

Dear Trinity,

We're right in the middle of winter now, and man has it been a cold one! There was a week long span where the temperature hardly went above -30 C degrees, even in the warmest part of the day. It made for delayed buses, a lot more indoor time, and lots of layers when we did go outdoors. I suspect we'll see more like it before the season is over.

You've been continuing with your downhill skiing, and I am so proud of how you've been doing. In just a few lessons, you've moved to mostly parallel skiing, and dispensed with the panicky snowplow stance you were previously used to. You've even skied the bigger runs, away from the bunny run, and went on the overhead lift on your own (with your class, I mean). A cute aside? Thanks to your instructor you call the chair lift "the flying sofa". I love it. You also get to be in lessons with your close friend and neighbour, and the two of you have a great time together.

You are getting to take part in winter electives at your school in February, so that should be a good way to keep busy with that cold weather we were talking about. You'll get to go to gymnastics, ice skating, and also to try out a zumba class in your gym. And this past month, you attended a play with your school, and they sponsored a "McDonald's Day", where every kid that signed up got to have a happy meal for lunch. Have I mentioned that I love how fun your school is? On top of all that, you've got your skiing Saturdays, gymnastics at the local club during the week, and I am trying to find you and I another father-daughter yoga class to sign up for. You actually asked for me to start up Daddy/Daughter night again, and I am going to do it, yoga class or no.

You came up with a really interesting question, first directed at me, and then at your mother this month. And it wasn't that other one, that I still don't know how to answer except honestly but without too many details. This was the one about how big the universe is, and how it ends. I answered with what I know about it from what science I follow, and you and I looked briefly through some kid-friendly articles on the scale of the universe. You had a hard time getting your head around the scale (and who doesn't?) but once you digested that, you put forward your own theory that when we do get to the edge of space, we'll find an invisible wall there. You actually said that you'd like to become an astronaut, and go see for yourself. It may have been a seminal moment for you. Your Mom and I have since decided that a trip to a Planetarium is definitely in order, so we're planning a weekend excursion soon. 

With all that cold weather we've had, sometimes you have to get creative to have some indoor fun. We took turns doing puppet/toy shows behind your toy chest. Yours was definitely the best, although I think I earned a strong second place for my performance of the Peter Parker-Gwen Stacy-MJ Watson love triangle. Your Spider-Man and Rapunzel stuffies gave the performance that realistic touch.

One thing that I'm really excited about is our current plan for this year's March Break. We won't be taking a week off to go to Disneyworld this year (I know, maybe next year). But I was planning a little trip to Toronto for all of us, while I attend the Toronto Comic-Con event. I asked if you might be interested in going, and you have been beside yourself about it ever since. You are a regular comics reader now, currently loving the Superman Family Adventures series. You know how into it I am (comics, not the Superman Family books, although those are awesome) and its fun how you want to take part with me. So it will be a family comic book convention this year. I'll be going first to make sure that the other elements, scary stuff aren't too bad, or at least to note where they are to steer you away. But I am really looking forward to it. More to come on this one next month.

Love you,