Wednesday, March 06, 2013

letter to trinity: 92 months

Dear Trinity,

Well, I don't know about you, but I can see the end of winter from here. It hasn't been as long as some, with us skiing every weekend. Its given you and I something to look forward to other than not having to go to school and work respectively. Your Mom has even gotten involved, and she's come with us to the hill every weekend, to watch as you progress. You've gotten really good this year!

We also went skating, albeit only the one time. You really haven't been that into it, but we had a nice clear cold Sunday recently, so we hit the rink, and you had a good time, once it came back to you.

We also managed to make it ice fishing, albeit only once this season. Its a long way out on the lake to where your Grandpa puts his ice hut, and we don't have a snow machine, so we only usually go when we can drive out. For that to happen, there needs to be a lot of ice, and not a lot of snow, so we can take our 4 wheel drive vehicle out. We did make it though, and we had a good day of it. You helped catch the fish, but you empathized a lot with them, and weren't too keen on us bringing them home to eat. So you and I ended up chasing each other in the snow a fair bit. 


We did end up going to Science North and the planetarium as we'd been planning. The planetarium was a bit of a bust. The video that preceded the walkthrough of our local stars was aimed at an audience a little younger than you, so you didn't love that. I thought it was cool, but that's me. But when the video was over and the presenter launched into how to find our local stars, how the constellations were named, and how to find them, we all got right into that. There's talk of us getting a telescope again, and having summer star watching parties. I'll be happy if we get a telescope.  You had a lot of fun at Science North though. You watched from a distant while a tarantula crawled all over my hand and arm, and you got your hand into a lot of the interactive stuff; building your own electric car and test driving it was probably the thing you enjoyed most. 

We've made some fun plans for the upcoming March break. A few times over the last few years, I've gone on my own to attend events for fans of comics, scifi, fantasy, (Comicon and Fan Expo). The last time I went you let me know that you were upset that you didn't get to check it out, as you are into reading kids comics yourself and loved the idea of there being a big event for like minded people. And I had told you that some people do bring their kids, and they seemed to love it. So, over March break, we will be going to the Comicon event in Toronto. You're excited, but you've already hit a snag: You want to try this cosplay thing, but can't decide which superhero costume you'll be wearing. It'll be fun to see how it shakes out.

One last note on your bedtime reading. We continue to let you read a little bit at night before lights out. You've never been one to go out easily, and your bedtime tends to be a lot later than most other kids your age. But your Mom and I are not huge fans of you tossing and turning for an hour or so before finally falling asleep. So we let you read from one of your chapter books until you get tired. You love it, and I love that you have developed this passion for reading. There's a great line delivered in one of my favourite books, A Dance With Dragons  “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” Its true, and I love that you have already started on the journey that reading for yourself represents. 

Talk to you next month.