Monday, April 08, 2013

letter to trinity: 93 months

Dear Trinity,

Spring is almost here. The snow is melting, but the weather keeps hovering above and below zero, so its alternately a little bit frozen, or a lot muddy. So there's limited options for doing things together outside. We have been getting muddy once in awhile, and that's fine by me. And with either myself, your Mom, a friend of yours, or some combination thereof, you've been out trying to make the most of it. We tried some skating at another outdoor rink, but it turned out that the weather had been a little too mild lately, and we ended up skating on ice too soft to be skating on. So some bruises ensued.

You have been so helpful lately. We started giving you an allowance a little while back, but it wasn't about making you do chores, or trying to get out of doing something we didn't like doing. We wanted to give you a sense of earning, saving and spending your own money. We have asked you to do a few basic things, like picking your clothes up and putting them in the hamper, getting ready for school, things like that, and for that you get $5 per week. You have been really good about saving your money up for things (like our March break trip). And its been really interesting how you have been asking to help with some of the daily things we do. Making the beds, preparing dinner, tidying up. You are such a good kid. Today you surprised us by asking if you could help wash a particularly nasty casserole dish, which I was opting to soak. So you spent 15 minutes going to town on the thing, and you wouldn't stop until it was spotless. So cool.

We ended up having a lot of fun on our March break trip. We stayed at a hotel attached to the convention center where the ComiCon event was being held, so you got to see the fun really closeup. The day we got there, you saw a whole bunch of people dressed up and got super excited about taking part. You ended up going as Wonder Woman and after walking the show floor, checking out all the cosplayers, the exhibits and the stuff for sale, I'm pretty sure I've created a fan for life in you. And we convinced your Mom to join in the fun, and she got into it so much so that she rocked a superhero shirt of her own, as close to cosplaying as I think we'll ever see her. I'm not sure that she's the fan that I am or that you might yet be, but I appreciate that she was willing to give it a shot.

"Can I snuggle on the couch and watch Monty Python?" You actually asked this question to me. One of those proud papa moments. We've been acting out the 'Ministry of Silly Walks' sketch in the driveway for months. Its one of those things that we do as we wait for the bus with you, and that is always a fun start to the day. But you recently asked if we could watch some of it together, and I got the chance to expose you to another thing that I love, and got to see you enjoy it as well.

What else have we been up to? Well, again, the weather not making it easy to find things to do outside, we tried out bowling again one weekend, and that was a blast. You can be a somewhat of a Wii superstar, so I think you were expecting the real thing to be as good at that, but I think you enjoyed the overall experience all the same. The shoes, maybe not so much.

One more thing I wanted to talk to you about: Skyrim. Its a videogame that I've been playing on and off for over a year now. Very immersive, third person game in which you (me) are the hero in a fantasy world filled with dragons, magic and fearsome monsters. There is so very little in this game that I would want you to see, so I play it when I can sneak downstairs or after you go to bed. But there was some extra content created for the game that allowed players to build homes for their characters, and even to adopt children to live in the home. So I enlisted your help in building the house, picking from the available orphans in the game, and running out to the general goods stores to buy them treats. So when you ask me in the evenings if we can go play Skyrim, I can't help but laugh. 

See you next month.