Tuesday, June 11, 2013

letter to trinity: 94 months

Dear Trinity,

Well, we're almost at the end of another successful school year, and approaching another birthday. I know I sound more than a little repetitive when annual milestones come around, but its just so hard not to. I took a trip to the city you were born in this week, and after driving by some of the landmarks that I associate with those days (the park we used to take you to, our old house, the hospital you were born in), I admit to feeling more than a little melancholy. You're growing older and taller and wiser all the time. Your need for independence from me seems to grow all the time, while your needs for comfort and reassurance seem to dwindle at the same rate. You recently asked for us to stop hugging you as the bus pulls up to pick you up so that the kids already on board wouldn't see. We get our kisses and hugs beforehand, but still, these things pile up.

We signed you up for soccer again this year. Last year you ended up taking the season off, after playing one game only. It just wasn't your thing, or wasn't the right fit of kids maybe. But you just didn't get into it, and I am not going to push you into activities that you don't like. I am not one of those parents. I'll encourage your own interests, but if you're not into something just because I want you to be, well that's the way it is.  So far, soccer has been great for you. You have been playing in a different league in another town, and while you knew two other kids on the team in the beginning, you've already been starting to make other friends with some of the others. 

Your Mom and I got to enjoy another 'Take Your Parents to Lunch Day' this year and that was fun for everyone. We each left work a little early, and you got to show us your monkey bar climbing skills as you also showed us off a little to your friends. I know that you love how much we love you and are proud of you, and I'm sure there's a little part of you that likes that we want to be so involved. Even though you don't like to make a big deal out of it. Plus, you got to sit in the driver's seat of a Police car, and that was cool. 

Your Nana came for a brief visit this past month, and that was really nice for you. She's a long drive away and has a busy life. She works full time still, and looks after husband number 3. He's older, and has some health problems, so its hard for her to get up here. I bug her about it a fair bit, and this time it took. We had a nice visit, went out for dinner and the carousel. I ended up going on it with you, and my vertigo hardly reared its head, although I was probably a little wobbly afterwards.

I am really looking forward to my time off with you this summer. I've taken 2 weeks off, and at least one of them your Mom is working, possibly both. We'll see how it goes. I am hoping for some nice warm weather, so we can have a few fun days at the beach. I'll try to plan us some fun activities as well.

One really fun thing that's been ongoing, for almost nine months now, is that you are going to be a cousin again soon. You Mom's sister is having her first baby, and you are really looking forward to meeting your new cousin. You have a few cousins already, but they live far away and you see them so rarely that you really have no relationship with them. Last year I think you saw them twice; at our family reunion in the summer, and over the christmas holidays. You guys all get along well, but the idea of having a cousin close at hand to you, and a baby at that, is very attractive to you. For us, its interesting to see, because we made a choice to have only the one wonderful child that we have, you. But this is as close as you're likely to get to a little sibling, and we've had you involved in it as much as your Aunt will let us. Its going to be exciting to see how things go next month!

One last thing I wanted to mention was what an awesome Mother's Day you gave to your Mom. Your class created special books for the Moms, complete with photos, poetry, and coupons for Mom to cash in. It was really well received by your Mom. I'm sure that its the most meaningful gift you've ever made for her, and she treasures it. With Father's Day coming up this month, I'm hoping for somewhere between that and a tie (which I wouldn't wear). The pen you made for me last year is one of my treasures, in fact. Its clay molded over a ball point pen. Says I Love You on the side. You really don't have to make me anything else eve, but if you do, I'll love it as much, and treasure that too. 

Talk to you next month buddy.

Love Daddy